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Lavender Bath Salt

Lavender bath salt's delicate & harmonising scent works wonders over your skin
So when you draw Spanacea's Lavender bath you are sure to create an enjoyable experience.Simply smelling the aroma relaxes ones mind and promotes a restful, uninterupted night sleep.

Sensuality Oil

Sensuality oil is an exotic pre-blended massage oil which has beenespecially crafted for their ability to relax the mind whilst stimulating the sensual appetite.

Herbal spicy punch

Herbal spicy punch is an invigorating combination of different Ayurveda herbs which stimulates your lympahtic flow through massage and helps in detoxification. Enjoy a clearer detan skin as a complement.

Jasmine Soap

Enjoy the alluring aphrodisiac aroma of jasmine all day long. Also helps in reducing muscle stiffness, aches and pains.

Orange and Neroli Bath Salts

Our Orange and Neroli Bath salts are great therapeutic addition to your bath and also smell and look amazing!
With dried oranges and neroli fragrance to uplift and energize you but also give you that sweet, tangy smell that we all love!



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